Targeted Direct Mail

At Targeted Media Group in Laguna, CA, we work to provide targeted direct mail solutions for our clients.

We work with our clients to help them select their target audiences for business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing. Our team of marketing experts can help small businesses in Laguna Hills, CA find their customer base and niche. Once our clients chose a target audience, they can sit back and let us do the rest. We handle all of your targeted mail needs, including designing the mailer, printing it, applying postage and mailing it. This tends to give many of our customer’s peace of mind.

Our Targeted Direct Mail Features

What kind of business do you have? Are you a pre-natal chiropractor in Laguna Hills, CA focusing on pregnant women between 3 and 7 months? If so, we can get you a detailed lead list with these requirements. We work with data mining companies that can get as detailed as needed to get your ad in front of the right customer. Have a special request? We want to hear it!


Targeted mailers give businesses the opportunity to reach every customer interested in their industry. It is one of the most effective solutions to ensure that business owners make contact with those with which they’re interested.


Because you’re only sending information to those who are interested in your brand, product, or service, there’s less chance of waste. Customers who are interested will be less likely to dispose of the flyer.


When sending a targeted mailer, your ad stands alone. You won’t have to compete for ad space with other companies on a crowded piece of paper. This could help improve brand recognition tremendously.


It often takes home and business owners time to sort through the mail. The longer mail stays in a home, the better the chance that it will be seen. Multiple people in a house could look at your ad.


Instead of sending a broad mailer, companies can instead choose precisely where they wish to send their advertisement. This causes them only to reach customers who will likely be interested in their company.


One of the most significant problems with voicemail and email is slow connection time. Targeted mail provides you with an immediate, reliable connection. You can provide your customers with pertinent information.

Your Targeted Direct Mail Options

Targeted direct mail provides business owners with a slew of options to promote their business. If you’re looking for an affordable option, consider sending postcards, which tend to be inexpensive compared to other promotional items. Business owners could also spend time pinpointing where their message goes. Owners could also dedicate time to customizing the message, controlling everything from graphics to text. Lastly, targeted mail is a useful option because of how personal it is. Postcards and letters are significantly more personal than an email. This personal touch can set you apart in today’s technology era

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We have operated in Orange County CA for over 25 years.

Printing, Design and Mailing List Services

We offer mail piece design services for postcards, brochures, letters, and more. Because we are a full-service direct mail company, we can help you find the mailing list that targets effectively and assure that your materials reach intended audiences in a timely matter. For those with printing needs, we offer a wide range of business marketing products such as postcards, brochures and business cards, bulk, letterhead, UV coated gloss postcards, notepads, envelopes and can customize each to satisfy your marketing and printing needs. We provide high quality, full color printing, and discounts for non-profit and governmental agencies. Targeted Media Group provides value to its customers by providing personalized customer service and leveraging our capacities and relationships that have grown strong over the past years. We serve people from all over the United States. Our direct mail marketing campaigns have been successful, in part, due to our technological savvy and capacity to communicate directly and effectively. To learn more about our direct mail marketing and printing services in Laguna Hills, CA, please contact us today and our excellent team will assist you.

Awesome Targeted Direct Mail Features

When we start working with a new client, we often find many of them skeptical of direct mail. However, stats from the 2017 DMA Response Rate Report indicate that direct mail is the single-highest performing marketing channel. To put it simply, physical mail drives transactions much more than digital ads. If you’re a small business owner in Laguna Hills, CA looking to acquire new customers and increase your sales with quality consumers quickly, then you should consider a direct mailing campaign. Direct mailers are incredibly affordable, providing business owners in Laguna Hills, CA and across the U.S. with an incredible return on investment. Our team can help you draft a direct mailing strategy.

Brand & Offer Recall

Studies show that customers remember a digital ad less than 50 percent of the time. However, consumers can recall a direct mail advertisement more than 75 percent of the time.

More Likely to Drive Action

Our experts will take the time to explain the “motivation to cognitive load threshold” that is an integral part of our strategy. Direct mailers pass the critical threshold of “One.”

Humans "Wired" for Non-Digital Interactions

Digital ads can be difficult for consumers to comprehend. Studies show that it takes approximately 21 percent less cognitive effort to process a direct mailing ad than it does to embrace a digital ad.

Motivation to Cognitive Load Ratio

A load-ratio of one is considered average. Direct mailers have a load-ratio average of 1.33. Digital media, on the other hand, has a load-ratio of .86. When working together, we’ll explain how critical this difference can be.

Easier to Understand, More Persuasive

Because it’s easier to process and understand, it takes less time for a consumer to process a direct mailer than a digital advertisement visually. Direct mailers also prompt a motivation response rate that’s 20 percent higher.

Targeted Direct Mail Response Rate Statistics

Still not sold on the power of direct mail marketing? Consider these statistics, provided courtesy of the Direct Marketing Association.


Direct Mail

The response rate for direct mail, across all industries, is 3.7 percent. This is the case when businesses use a house list. The response rate is one percent when using a prospect list. This is noticeably different than the all-digital channels response rate, which is a mere .62 percent.



Envelopes, postcards, and other oversized mailers have a response rate of 4.25 percent.


Current Direct Mailers

Direct mailers can offer a return on investment ranging from 15 to 17 percent.


Direct Mail Investment

More than 80 percent of businesses indicate that they plan to incorporate direct mail into their marketing strategy in the coming year.

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