Specialty Occasions Mailing & Celebrations Direct

Announcing an exclusive new program to help you gain new customers and differentiate your business!

Make an emotional connection with consumers and they will become your lifelong customers…

Celebration Mailers specialized in special occasions mailing, a direct mail marketing program helping business owners attract new customers by reaching consumers during special events; a time when they are more responsive.

Personalized direct mail is one of the strongest ways to market your business

California has been subjected to some of the harshest restrictions on business in the country (Californiaforcast.com) • Restaurant revenue was down 39% (as of August 2020) • Small business rate of closure was at 30% (as of August 2020) • Roughly 90% of businesses surveyed said they have been severely affected and nearly half have seen their revenue drop over 50%. (BizFed)

The emotional toll on consumers has also been severe…

Our program helps your business make an emotional connection with the consumers closest to you while driving much needed revenue to your business.

Special occasions direct mailing allows you reach consumers during specific and special events giving you the power to target your best customers, drive new revenue, build loyalty and develop lifelong customers

Special Occasions are Non-seasonal and Recession proof

  • Highly targeted
  • Reach consumers when they’re engaged and responsive
  • Higher response rates than traditional direct or shared mail
  • Our average client repeat rate is 92%
  • Eye-popping advertiser returns

We combine the precision of direct mail with the effectiveness of timing to produce incredible results!

Happy Birthday Postcards

Every month thousands of consumers are celebrating their birthdays right in your area. We can help you tap into this market, increase revenue, make an emotional connection, and build goodwill…

  • Whether you’re 8 or 88, everyone loves receiving a birthday card with a special offer in the mail
  • Differentiate your business from hundreds of competitors
  • Consumers are highly responsive to merchants who acknowledge their special day and invite them to visit
  • Birthday gift certificates are applicable for most B2C businesses
  • More than 70% of Americans eat out on their birthdays, with larger groups and larger ticket sizes
  • You’ll get additional “word of mouth” exposure when they post on social media or tell friends about their experience
  • Perfect complement to your existing marketing program

New Movers

Welcome to the Neighborhood Postcards

What are you doing to make sure the consumers new to the area find your business before they find your competitor? What is the lifetime value of one new customer to your business?

Be the first to reach new families, bring them in with a special offer, provide a great experience and convert them to loyal and repeat customers.
  • Over 40 million people in the U.S. move every year
  • 70% to 90% of new move-ins are families new to the area (United States Postal Service)
  • 80% try new products and services from local businesses
  • They spend more on goods and services in their first six months
  • They are more likely to become loyal and regular customers
  • People moving into a neighborhood spend an average of $9,400 on establishing their new house as home (2015 Epsilon study)
  • Perfect complement to your existing marketing program
  • We have been advertising with Celebration Mailers since the beginning of the Neighborhood Radius program and have not missed a deadline. Each deadline we send many new addresses to target and get much referral business in neighborhoods where we have recently completed jobs. In addition, we also mail the same existing addresses a second and third time. Through the radius program, we have been able to gain additional business in the neighborhoods we target. I highly recommend this program to any home improvement company. Jonathan Salibrici Owner, Peak Custom Remodeling
    Trackable Response

    Unique 2D barcode system for tracking results

    The value of your business depends on your ability to know who your customersare and a method to keep them coming back!

    Save the cards consumers bring in and we’ll scan them to determine your best customer demographics

    Attach the transaction receipt and we’ll give you the exact return on your campaign investment

    Every few months, we will generate a report that gives you details about your customers

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Income
    • Distance from your location
    • Profitability of your marketing campaign
    • Build your customer database for ongoing marketing
    Customer Database Celebration Directs

    Our turn-key service includes:

    • Customized design
    • Full-color printing front & back
    • 100# silk finish
    • Large 5.5” x 8.5” format
    • Personalized with the recipient’s name
    • Mailing list license
    • Demographic selects
    • Precision mapping
    • Addressing
    • Paid postage through the USPS
    • Measurable results with barcode tracking system

    Call us now and be the first business in your neighborhood to celebrate your clients “Special Day”

    Birthday/ Welcome to the Neighborhood Postcards

    With Special Day Promos, you can now send a personalized, custom 5.5” x 8.5” postcard to anyone celebrating a Birthday or simply Welcome someone who just moved into the Neighborhood!

    Job site marketing

    Neighborhood Radius Postcards

    Turn one customer into more around your job sites Referrals are your strongest leads… Current job site marketing options

    EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail – offered by USPS)

    • Entire carrier route –some homes may not be valuable to you
    • Not personalized or variable – can’t target with recipient name, street name or address
    Workers dropping off flyers or knocking on doors
    • Flyers are not personalized with recipient name, street name or address
    • Not verifiable
    • Flyers must be left on porch or driveway – not in mailbox- usually end up in the trash
    Yard Signs – just branding, no call to action, can’t see before and after pictures

    Direct Mail is the Answer
    • Use the power of the mailbox to reach your customer’s neighbors- same demographics and similar needs
    • Personalized with the neighbor’s name and the street name/address of your job site
    • Include a “while we’re in your neighborhood” incentive for fast response
    • Target homes closest to your current job sites – mail as many homes as you like or as few as 50 in each neighborhood
    • Target neighborhoods you are already working in or highly desirable areas
    • Customers often refer vendors to their neighbors turning these leads into “warm referrals” rather than cold leads
    • Two sizes of postcards to fit any budget
    • First class postage to get in-home fast
    • Two mailing per month
    • Mail before, during and after each job for maximum exposure and response
    We have been mailing with Celebration Mailers since June 2018. Through their programs, we have attracted many new customers to our special occasion restaurant and have also seen many customers come back who have not been here for many years. Our return on investment has been very strong from the first month through today. I highly recommend this program to any business. Brad Black General Manager The Prime Rib of Baltimore

    Celebration Mailers is a great way to reward loyal customers and attract new customers. We have been using the birthday and new mover programs for the past four years and have averaged between 20% and 25% redemption. Customer feedback has been extremely positive throughout the four years, which is one of several reasons why I plan to continue the program indefinitely. 

    Chris Richards
    Owner, Greenmount Station

    We have been advertising with Celebration Mailers for four and a half years and have seen excellent response. Through the birthday program, it has brought in many new customers to our stores each month. Over the last three and a half years we have received between a 15% -20% return. Being able to target our local market based on our own demographics such as age, gender, income and the type of home is extremely beneficial for us. I highly recommend this program to any business. Matt Barto General Manager Bowman’s Home and Garden

    Call Today (949) 300-0066 or email info@targetedmediagroup.com for all the details and a special introductory offer!