Mailing Lists

Optimize Your Direct Mailing List For Maximum Engagement And Conversion

At Targeted Media in Laguna Hills, CA, we provide data-targeted direct mailing list processing services to ensure that you reach the right audience for your next direct mail marketing campaign.

When you need to find a specific audience, Targeted Media Group can optimize your customer list or append using hundreds of specialty lists and preference selects to find your best prospects.

Targeted Media Group’s data experts will assist you to define mailing lists that maximize campaign effectiveness and improve overall return on investment.

Reach your Ideal Audience with out Mailing Lists

One of the most important elements of any campaign is your direct mailing list. Businesses and retailers use targeted mailing lists to reach the customers and prospects that matter most to them.
Using targeted and personalized print communications with Variable Data Printing (VDP) can improve response rates and the overall marketing objective. Targeted Media Group can personalize your mailings using our data services and digital printing solutions. Plus marketing personalization helps increase engagement and response rates.
Our direct mail experts make it easy for you by helping to determine which mailing list approach will result in the best campaign performance. Depending on your objectives, we will advise on the best combination of mailing list strategy and direct marketing program to craft successful campaigns.

Targeted Prospect Mailing List Service

When you need to find a specific audience for your next direct mail campaign, Targeted Media Group can use hundreds of specialty lists and preference selects to find the best prospects. Don’t just saturate an area. Define the exact profile for your prospects, and target only them. If you have a new business or need to find a specific audience to solicit, we can create custom lists to meet any objective

We’ll help you define your prospects, map your geographic area, direct mail design & printing, postage & delivery costs, USPS verification and tracking, and expert support.
  • B2B (business to business) Mailing Lists
  • Demographic Mailing Lists (age, income, gender, marital status, ethnicity, home value & many others)
  • Psychographic Mailing Lists (lifestyle interests)
  • New Homeowners Mailing Lists
  • Renter Mailing Lists
  • Home Improvement Mailing Lists
  • Political Mailing Lists
  • Financial, Investment, Insurance & Mortgage Mailing Lists
  • Automotive Mailing Lists
  • New Parent Mailing Lists
  • List Append Options
  • Many Other Specialty Mailing List Options

Targeted Mailing List Advantages

  • Reach the right audience with more control on who receives your message
  • Tailor your campaign to your ideal customer traits
  • Avoid disastrous campaigns delivered to the wrong people at the wrong time
  • Build incremental revenue or target your competitor’s customers
  • Build new relationships to offset customer falloff